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    Guardian Membership (Sign Up)


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    Guardian Membership (Sign Up)

    Post by Icefyre on Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:36 pm


    Guardians are the first creatures of Sanctus.

    They are also known as members of the Original families:

    Mahona, Kiowa, Omaha, Huron, Sineca, Ottawa, Caddo, Lakhota, Ute, and Sioux.

    Benefits of becoming a Guardian:

    • 100% Free! You will never have to pay a single penny to have and/or keep this position!

    • You are the first of your kind. After sign-ups are gone, there will be no more guardians added to the families.

    • If you were commissioned on my official DA, you will automatically have a spot reserved for you!*

    • Choose your identity. (RP lovers can choose their family name!)

    • "Reader's Right" access to upcoming chapters before their release! (Coming Soon)

    • You will have rights to your families' dwelling and be able to interact with other family members. (Coming Soon)

    • You will be able to explore the grounds of Sanctus as an Original. (Coming Soon)

    • Depending on the history of your family, all Guardians will have the opportunity to appear and/or be mentioned in God Games! You may even become a recurring guest in later chapters! When your appearance occurs, you will be properly notified.

    • You can terminate your membership at any time.**

    • More to come!

    *If you were commissioned on my official DA, please send an email from your DA account confirming that you have signed up for Guardian membership.

    **Because this feature is very early in development, deactivating your membership will disable all Guardian features and may result in the destruction of your WarriorScape account. At this time, if you wish to terminate your membership, send me an email using the same email you signed up with.

    At this time, anyone can sign up for Guardian status. You can do so by replying to this board or by sending me a private message.

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