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    *Recurring Guests* Have your character appear in God Games!


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    *Recurring Guests* Have your character appear in God Games!

    Post by Icefyre on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:37 pm

    Welcome to one of the exclusive Guardian areas.

    Here you have the opportunity to have your Original (Guardian) character make an appearance in God Games. However, remember that God Games has lore and that your appearance will be based on your chosen family history:

    For example, Ashaa and Kaliska are the only living family members of the Mahona family. All other family members were destroyed long before God Games took place. This means that your character may only appear in flashbacks and/or will appear in later chapters, depending on how the story unfolds.

    Now that that's been said, you'll need to reply with this little outline.

    First Name:
    Family Name:
    Hair Color[s]:
    Hair Style:
    Eye Color[s]:
    Love Interest:
    Pack Rank:
    Character Picture (Optional):

    - Character names are displayed as Family Name, First Name.

    For example, your first name is Meghan and your family name is Kiowa.

    So, your name will appear as Kiowa Meghan.

    - History will make your mark.

    All Originals were created in the waters of Eden. Eventually, all of the Originals were casted from their home in Sanctuary and were forced to live on the overworld. Some abandoned their people and struggled to survive on their own while others stayed with their family and made the best with what they had.

    For example, did you support the feud between the Sioux and Mahona families? Did you abandon your alpha and your family after the casting? Were you friends with a main character at one point?

    - Personality will define your attitude and your views on the world.

    - Having a Love Interest may impact your role in the story.

    It doesn't matter whether your love interest is one of your own original characters or one from God Games. Your partner may be mentioned or they may not. Hell, you may even end up being a recurring character (past or future). What have you got to lose?

    - Pack Rank will impact your role in the story.

    - (Optional) Character Pictures are especially wondrous, if your character really does become a recurring character!

    I will submit your character's information and picture as a reference to God Games' official artist, PatinFTW. After the completion of the artwork, your character will officially be enrolled in the God Games' Character page. Beneath your character name, you will see the following:

    Character created by (Your Name)


    So, what are you waiting for? 

    Submit those character sheets down below!

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